The Images below are approximate. designs can be customized to suit your style, Images are a close estimate. All bridal plans include feet. for the same price of plan, you may minus detail on feet and add on arms and vice versa


Basic designs all sides bridal $100 per hour for roughly upto a MAX of 2 hours or less.You are required to come in unless you have 10 or more guest needing mehndi besides yourself.



  1. Detailed designs upto 1/3 area between wrist to elbow OR

  2. spaced out Vine design that is not all rounded, not heavily detailed. more skin shows, extending upto elbow. Feet upto ankles. 



heavily Detailed designs, if you like you may add images and motifs.  Upto elbows and a few inches above ankles all sides but with more detail all rounded and less spacing



Heavily detailed designs above elbows and upto right below the knees. All sides. this plan can take upto 6 hours to complete.

4 simple designs are free!


Bridal Plans

Please note: there is also a travel fee.  Depending on where the services are needed. 

disclaimer: please note that upon completion of your henna, the image of our henna work on you, or part of your image, may be used for promotional purposes. by booking or receiving our services, you agree to this.