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Bridal Plans

Copper Bridal Plan

All side hands and feet basic designs. designs in the amount shown can be completed in less than 2 hours.

how long does it take? :

less than 2 hours to complete

$ 110/ hr

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copper hand.PNG
copper feet_edited.jpg


Heavy detailed designs, all rounded on arms, less spacing, you may add images or motifs. upto elbows all sides and feet a couple of inches above ankles.

how long does it take? :

~ 4.5 hours to complete


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silver hand.PNG
silver feet.PNG

Bronze bridal plan

1. Detailed designs upto 1/3 area between wrist to elbow all sides. feet design to ankles


2. Spaced out simple vine design on arms. not all rounded. more white space, but upto elbow. Feet upto ankles.

time taken for application:

4 hrs to complete

$ 425

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bronze hand.PNG
brnze feet.PNG

Gold Bridal Plan

Heavy detailed designs above elbows and upto right below the knees.

How long does it take? :

~ 7 hours to complete

$ 800

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gold hnd.PNG
gold feet.PNG

Please note: there is also a travel fee.  Depending on where the services are needed. 

disclaimer: please note that upon completion of your henna, the image of our henna work on you, or part of your image, may be used for promotional purposes. by booking or receiving our services, you agree to this.

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